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Kyron Akal is an outstanding musician, arranger and producer. Kyron has a unique ability to arrange music from any genre into a sound perfectly suited for the steelpan.Kyron made his mark in the UK Steelpan community being a winner and as both an arranger and soloist on numerous occasions in the UK steel-pan event called Pan Explosion in the early naughties. As an arranger his most significant achievement winning the UK Panorama Championship with Mangrove Steelband as the first UK born champion arranger. As a producer he has helped to develop the art form and culture of the Steelpan and Steelband within UK education tutoring schools and collages. . He can easily be described as a Steelpan DJ! Kyron is also the UK’s only Bollywood Steelpan Soloist. Bollywood Steelpan Music gives you a touch of the Caribbean with a beautiful twist of Bollywood and Bhangra fusion. Producing music for films as well as anything from Reggae, Salsa, Pop and Dance, the infectious beats and groves will most definitely surprise you.

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